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For affordable life insurance that’s tailored to you, Imsure are the experts.

Trusted by over 3000 New Zealanders, Imsure have years of expertise in protecting the things that matter to Kiwi families just like yours. 

They’ll give you the best advice and find you the best deal, saving you time and giving you confidence that you’re in safe hands.

Why life insurance?

Could your loved ones survive financially without your income? Life insurance is peace of mind that they can pay the bills, mortgage or rent if you’re not around. It could be monthly payments or a single lump sum. You'll have total flexibility to find the cover that's right for you.

You're unique – so is our life insurance. Let us find the best for your family.

Why Imsure?

At Imsure we take insurance personally. We take the time to get to know you, so you’ll have confidence that we’ll find the perfect life cover, tailored just to you.

If you get covered with us, we’ll be there to help every step of the way, from finding the best quote to supporting you with making a claim.

We pride ourselves on having a local touch, but with access to the largest insurers in the country.

Don’t leave protecting your loved ones to chance

Find out how little it costs to buy life insurance, with friendly advice and personal service from the Imsure experts.